Name change at Loughborough Sound Images

Name change at Loughborough Sound Images
Roy Rubenstein
A new force in DSP board development has been created following the approved merger of DSP board specialists Loughborough Sound Images (LSI) and Mizar.
Called Blue Wave Systems, the company is valued at $70m and employs over 200 people: 57 of which are at the company’s headquarters in Dallas (Mizar’s HQ) and 140 in Loughborough. “Our aim has been to create a global player,” said Simon Yates, CEO of Blue Wave and former MD of LSI.
The merger combines Mizar’s expertise in rugged boards for the defence and industrial sectors with LSI’s leading position in the telecoms, imaging and test markets. It also gives LSI a direct presence in the US as well as a Nasdaq stock market listing.
Asked about Blue Wave’s longer-term goals, Yates said: “We aim to triple our revenues in the next four years.” Achieving this will require acquisitions, said Yates, who hinted that the targets are likely to be in the telecoms and defence sectors. “We are targeting our strategy as to what is required in these areas,” added Yates.

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