Nat Semi introduces high efficiency switched capacitor voltage converter

Nat Semi introduces high efficiency switched capacitor voltage converter
Denham Steynor
National Semiconductor has introduced a high-efficiency switched capacitor voltage which achieves 95 per cent efficiency at 50mA for portable PC and wireless power applications.
The LM3351 is designed for fractional step-up (boost) 3:2 conversion or step-down (buck) 2:3 conversion mode. It converts supply voltages at a typical efficiency of 95 per cent at 50mA, prolonging battery life and simplifying the generation of voltages needed for components such as DSPs, microcontrollers, or sub-systems in portable electronic equipment and medical instrumentation. Low switching frequency of 200kHz allows a corresponding low quiescent current of 1.1mA in the step-up mode and 0.8mA in the step-down mode.
“The part’s unique architecture allows designers to simplify their 5V to 3.3V or 3.3V to 5V voltage conversion solutions and displace space-hogging inductor based designs,” said Venkatesh Shan, National’s power management marketing director.
The LM3351 drives a 50mA load without the cost, size and radiated EMI related to inductor based switchers, or the power loss of a linear regulator, making it suitable for use in space-constrained portable designs. Housed in a MSOP-8 package, the IC is 50 per cent the size of the standard SO (small outline) package.

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