National says it's ready for single chip PC

National says it’s ready for single chip PC
Tom Foremski
National Semiconductor says it is ready to produce a PC system on a chip which would lower the cost of producing Intel compatible PC devices by replacing more than a dozen chips and making sub-$500 PCs a reality.
“National has assembled, through acquisition and internal development, all the pieces it needs to integrate a PC on a single chip. We have all the intellectual property building blocks and the methodology to stitch them together onto a square of silicon less than half an inch wide,” said National CEO Brian Halla, speaking yesterday at the Semico Summit conference in Arizona.
He added that National is working on different variants of its PC system on a chip product tailored for different applications, including embedded systems. National has chosen a distributed processing architecture for its PC chip using specialised cores to handle tasks such as graphics and multimedia processing rather than using a single large processor to process every function.

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