NEC and Siemens look to UK for mobile R&D venture

NEC and Siemens look to UK for mobile R&D venture
Richard Ball
A joint venture between NEC and Siemens to develop third generation mobile phone systems may be sited in the UK.
“It will not be in an existing Siemens or NEC facility, but it has to be in Europe. Great Britain seems to be the most likely site,” a spokesperson from Siemens told Electronics Weekly.
A source at NEC agreed: “The site will be somewhere in Europe and the UK is one possibility because we have Telecom Modus in the UK.”
Telecom Modus is a partnership between NEC and ERA Technology to develop mobiles for the Japanese market. “They could work together, but it’s not defined yet,” said the NEC source.
NEC and Siemens are setting up the European joint venture before the year end, targeting the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) third generation standard. It will develop products for the wireless infrastructure, such as basestations and centres for operations and maintenance.
According to Siemens, the final size of the joint venture has yet to be decided. “We are in the initial stage of setting it up and expect 80 employees this year,” said the Siemens’ spokesperson. “Both companies will invest three digit millions in the venture.”

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