NEC's FeRAM technology recognised by smartcard firms

NEC’s FeRAM technology recognised by smartcard firms
Richard Wilson
NEC has been short-listed to win BT’s ‘Most Innovative Product Award’ at this week’s Smart Card exhibition in London.
The company’s work with FeRAM memory technology, which is expected to replace EEPROM in many Smart Card applications, has been recognised by the judges this year.
Jean Francois Chouteau, manager of NEC’s Paris Smart Card Application Centre said: “We have made very strong progress with our FeRAM development since we announced it last year. NEC fully expects to have a microcontroller incorporating FeRAM in volume production for 2000.”
NEC claims that FeRAM has three advantages over EEPROM which is currently the most widely used reusable memory type in smartcards; it is smaller – requiring about 40% of the space, it has 10,000 times faster access speed, and it uses less power.

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