New products in pipeline after LSI/Sandcraft link-up

New products in pipeline after LSI/Sandcraft link-upRichard Ball
LSI Logic will be working with SandCraft on new products following its licensing of a Sandcraft microprocessor.
Sandcraft’s SR1-GX processor using a MIPS Technologies architecture will be used to develop products such as digital set-top boxes, digital TV, game platforms and Internet information appliances.
The main attractions of the architecture are its dual issue capability and floating point operation. Although dual issue was not a problem for LSI, it would have had to start work from scratch on adding floating point.
“It made a lot of sense to us rather than re-invent the wheel when there are other design groups out there that we can leverage off,” said Mike Casey, LSI Logic’s European marketing director. “Sandcraft have created a bit of a niche for themselves in the MIPS area.”

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