Nintendo's new video game system to feature IBM brain

Nintendo’s new video game system to feature IBM brain
Tom Foremski
MIPS Technologies received some bad news with Nintendo saying it is teaming up with IBM to develop key chips for its future video games console based on the PowerPC architecture.
The current Nintendo 64 games console uses a microprocessor manufactured by NEC and is based on the MIPS design. The deal is responsible for a large part of MIPS’ revenues. Under the deal with IBM, valued at more than $1bn, IBM will develop a 400MHz copper based integrated chip code named Gekko.
IBM says that the Gekko will be more advanced than any current or planned chip in use in video games consoles and Nintendo plans to introduce the first Gekko based systems for the 2000 holiday season. Sony is planning a major push for its next generation PlayStation for the same period and has ambitious plans for a highly integrated processor using MIPS designs.

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