Nohau in Web link

Nohau in Web linkRichard Ball Nohau is offering TCP/IP communication software which allows embedded systems to be connected to local networks or over the Internet. The software, from Interniche Technologies, lets embedded system designers add Web-based management to their products. Building network access into embedded systems allows communication with the system via any computer no matter where it is located. “You may want to display information from a home energy management system over the internet. You can dial in from any computer and look at the screen. You will be looking at a normal Web page which is coming from an embedded system not a computer,” explained Cliff Malcolm, Nohau sales manager. The products can be mixed and matched as required, but as TCP and IP are the protocols that give access to the internet, the portable TCP/IP stack is an important component.
Other products offered include a complete Web-server, the WebPort. This enables the design of a user interface which is software independent of the platform. The FTP-server allows the transfer of files to and from the system while the DHCP-server gives “plug and play” capability.

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