Nortel unveils technology for speedier Internet

Nortel unveils technology for speedier Internet
Tom Foremski
Nortel Networks has developed a fibre optic technology that can dramatically increase Internet data bandwidth with its OPTera 1600G optical amplification system.
The company says that a single fibre can support simultaneous Internet connections to 28 million households, or the simultaneous transmission of 360,000 high quality versions of the new Star Wars movie. The Dense-Wavelength Division Multiplexing (D-WDM) technology combines 160 separate channels of light into one beam with each channel carrying data at 10 Gigabits per second for a total per fibre capacity of 1.6 Terabits.
The system will be tested in telecommunications networks later this year and will be commercially available next year. WDM is a technique that other communications firms, such as Lucent, are also using to boost the data carrying capacity of fibre optic lines.

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