Nvidia's Riva TNT2 sets new mark as industry's fastest 3D graphics processor

Nvidia’s Riva TNT2 sets new mark as industry’s fastest 3D graphics processor
Tom Foremski
Nvidia says that its Riva TNT2 graphic processor has been ranked top in 3D and 2D benchmark tests as it begins shipping its latest product.
In tests conducted by US market research company Mercury Research, Riva TNT2 scored the highest in 3D WinBench, 2D WinBench and 3DMark benchmark tests for PC graphics performance.
“Mercury’s results speak to our focus and commitment to deliver the industry’s best graphics family from top to bottom,” said Dan Vivoli, vice president of product marketing at Nvidia. “Setting new records for 3D and 2D performance is a testament to our world-class engineering team and our ability to execute season after season.”
Nvidia faces stiff competition from ATI, 3Dfx, Intel, and S3 in the graphics chip market but hopes to win users among PC games players that are willing to pay for high performance graphics chips.

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