Panorama programme stocks up mobile phone health issue

Panorama programme stocks up mobile phone health issue
Richard Ball
Radiation absorbed by the human brain from different makes of mobile phone can vary by a factor of 20, according to Monday’s BBC’s Panorama programme.
Panorama commissioned a study from the National Physical Laboratory to measure radiation absorbed by the brain from eight models of mobile handset.
All the phones tested were well within the UK safety limit of an SAR of 10W/kg. However, specific absorbtion rate (SAR), measured in Watts per kilogram, varied dramatically, from 0.02W/kg for Motorola’s Star Tac 70 to 0.44W/kg for a Nokia 2110 – over 20 times higher.
The different results are attributed to the positioning of the mobile’s antenna. Ericsson also fared relatively poorly in the tests. Its GA628 phone had an SAR of 0.26W/kg. An Ericsson spokesperson said: “We can’t comment on research that hasn’t been published yet.”
“How one phone differs from another is not important,” said Tom Wills-Sandford of the Federation of the Electronics Industry, speaking on behalf of all the mobile manufacturers.
Research has so far found little to link mobile phone use with adverse health effects. Dr Alan Preece from the Bristol Royal Infirmary has carried out the UK’s only independent study into short term effects of mobile phone use. His results showed no apparent side effects from mobile phone use.

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