Patent dispute rules in Quickturn's favour

Patent dispute rules in Quickturn’s favour
Richard Ball Electronic design automation company Quickturn has won another round of its patents battle with Mentor Graphics, this time in Germany. A German court has ordered Mentor to cease sales of products in Germany that infringe Quickturn’s patents. “This is the sixth consecutive time that a court either in the US or in Europe has affirmed Quickturn’s position that Mentor’s emulation systems violate our patents,” said Keith Lobo, president and CEO of Quickturn. However, Hans Windele, MD of Mentor in Europe, pointed out: “It is a decision against SimExpress only, which is our old technology.” Mentor still expects Cadence Design Systems’ acquisition of Quickturn to change the shape of the argument. “I would hope that once the Quickturn merger with Cadence goes ahead, they will apply some common sense and settle this,” said Windele. The two warring firms go head-to-head once again next month in the US. An Oregon court will decide whether Mentor has violated Quickturn’s US patents. Quickturn is claiming $75m damages which could be trebled if the court decides Mentor acted willfully, knowing it was infringing the patents.

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