PC market healthy say researchers

PC market healthy say researchers
Tom Foremski
Despite problems at leading PC maker Compaq Computer, the PC market remains healthy say US market researchers, good news for electronics companies who are increasingly dependent on strong PC sales.
International Data Corporation (IDC) and Dataquest reported that first quarter PC shipments remained robust but that Compaq lost significant market share, partly due to slower buying by corporations. Demand for PCs has been fueled by consumers attracted to ever lower PC prices.
IDC estimated that first quarter PC shipments worldwide grew by 19 per cent compared with last year to 24.5 million units. Dataquest came up with a slightly lower number, saying PC shipments grew 17 per cent during the same period.
US sales led market growth according to IDC and Dataquest who also pointed to strong growth in Europe and a rebounding Asian market. “Within the Asian region, the Japanese market continues to exhibit strength in the consumer segment despite its prolonged economic weakness,” said Dataquest analyst David Stremba.

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