Peace moves in mobile phone standards battle

Peace moves in mobile phone standards battle
Richard Ball
The standoff over patents covering third generation mobile phones could be resolved by March, claim the main protagonists Ericsson and Qualcomm.
“The possibility exists for coming up with a solution. We remain pretty optimistic,” Bill Bold, v-p of government affairs at Qualcomm, told Electronics Weekly. “We’re hopeful of a resolution by March.”
“We are still of the firm belief that the discussion will be resolved,” confirmed an Ericsson spokesperson.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) set a deadline of last December for firms joining the standards process to make their patents and intellectual property (IP) available to all other companies. Neither Ericsson nor Qualcomm have agreed to license CDMA – a core technology for third generation mobiles.
The ITU has unofficially extended the deadline to March. Without the availability of the patents and IP, the standards cannot include that technology.

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