Poor response disappoints skills people

Poor response disappoints skills people
Melanie Reynolds
The number of responses to the first year’s questionnaire for the People Skills Scoreboard for the Engineering Industry has been described as “disappointingly low” by one of the survey organisers.
Many of the companies which did respond had also hoped more people would participate and were disappointed that a more comprehensive account of training had not been given. But the report was generally seen as “a useful tool”.
Participants said they would use the information as part of setting their training budgets and that it also gave an insight into their competitors’ strategies.
The survey by Engineering and Marine Training Authority (EMTA) and the Engineering Employers’ Federation details information on company training activities, including expenditure. An EMTA spokeswoman said a better response is hoped for this year: “It’s slowly building up, we’re getting it established and getting people to recognise the benefit of it.”

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