Rise Technology prepares to launch a Pentium II clone

Rise Technology prepares to launch a Pentium II clone
Tom Foremski
Despite a bitter battle at the low end of the PC microprocessor market, Silicon Valley based Rise Technology is preparing to launch a Pentium II clone microprocessor later this year.
Rise, which has been concentrating on producing low power mobile Intel compatible microprocessors, is hoping that there will be adequate demand for its microprocessors as Intel abandons the Pentium II line in favour of the Pentium III.
Sources close to Rise say that the chip will be out in the second half of the year and will be packaged in Celeron compatible packaging so that it can be used in motherboards designed for the Intel low end microprocessor.
National Semiconductor recently said it is abandoning the PC microprocessor market because of intense competition. But Rise believes it can weather the storm and make money.

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