Rival groups fail to agree on server architectures

Rival groups fail to agree on server architectures
Tom Foremski
Negotiations between rival groups on future high speed server technology have failed to come to an agreement, setting the stage for incompatible architectures for powerful mainframe-class servers.
Intel is leading the Next Generation I/O (NGIO) initiative which proposes a server architecture that is based on its future 64-bit microprocessors. The rival camp of Future I/O consists of Intel’s largest customers such as Compaq Computer, IBM and Hewlett-Packard and is proposing a different architecture. The two groups had met several times to iron out their differences but that effort has failed.
The two rival groups will now proceed to define the specifications for their server architectures which will result in the market deciding which technology is successful. Future I/O supporters claim that Intel does not understand server architectures and is trying to push through its technology without consulting the largest server manufacturers.

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