Rockwell questions 3Com's modem move

Rockwell questions 3Com’s modem move
Tom Foremski
Rockwell Semiconductor has criticised 3Com’s move to make it easier to license 56kbit/s modem technology, saying that 3Com has left many questions unanswered and its motives are questionable.
3Com recently said that it has made it easier to license intellectual property behind its X2 high speed modem technology for a one time license fee of $100,000. And that it will license patents held by developer Brent Townshend, who holds key modem patents.
R Rockwell issued a statement saying:”We are surprised that given 3Com’s belief in the importance of Townshend’s technology, they chose to keep it quiet during the nearly year long standards process. We call upon 3Com to publicly reveal what components of the contributions are based on Townshend’s technology.”
Rockwell also said that it does not believe that Townshend’s patents have anything to do with its own K56flex technology or the forthcoming ITU standard.

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