Rohm in drive to double opto slice

Rohm in drive to double opto sliceRichard Wilson
Rohm Electronics has signed IMO Electronic Components as a specialist distributor for most of its optoelectronic products.
It is part of a drive by Rohm to more than double its share of the UK’s optoelectronics market, including LEDs and LCDs, over the next two years.
“We have nine per cent of the UK opto market,” said Tom James, Rohm’s UK managing director. “I would like to see that reach 20 per cent over a two year period. The partnership with IMOis a key part of that growth strategy.”
Former Rohm man, Rick Cook, who heads up IMO’s electronic components division, believes the potential growth markets for Rohm’s LEDs, LCDs and infra-red sensors are industrial, security systems and mobile communications. “A key product will be the surface mount LEDs, a product where Rohm leads the field,” said Cook.

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