Samsung unveils Risc processor

Samsung unveils Risc processor
Tom Foremski
Samsung Electronics has developed its own RISC microprocessor for use in consumer electronics products.
The CalmRisc device uses just 45 instructions and uses a parallel processing architecture to offer performance of up to 40Mips at 5V. The goal is to combine the CalmRisc core with a DSP core for multimedia processing applications in digital audio players, cell phones and DVD players.
This is the first time Samsung has developed its own processor core instead of licensing technology from other companies. Samsung is a major producer of Alpha RISC microprocessors but needs something smaller for embedded applications.
CalmRisc is a low power consuming chip using just 70µA per MHz and Samsung may license the core to other companies. Samsung expects to begin production of chips with CalmRisc in the second half of this year.

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