Samsung's supermarket sweep could put DIMMs on the shelves

Samsung’s supermarket sweep could put DIMMs on the shelves
David Manners A chip counter in your local supermarket is the prospect being opened up by Samsung Semiconductor’s current talks with UK supermarket chains. “We’re approaching the supermarkets – we want to see memory modules in the High Street,” Ken Jones, v-p of sales at Samsung Semiconductor, told EW. DIMMs and SIMMs could be available off supermarket shelves if the talks succeed. Samsung has been encouraged by Fujitsu’s success in selling PCs in Tesco stores. Since doing so, Fujitsu’s European PC sales are estimated to have grown 47 per cent and the company has become one of the fastest growing PC manufacturers. Next month, Samsung starts its own direct sales effort for memory modules to the public via the Internet. The next Samsung product to go into direct sales’ channels could be flat panel monitors where the company claims to be the largest supplier in the world. Whereas the cost of a 12.1in. TFT panel is $300, and the cost of a 13.3in. panel is $400, the cost of flat panel monitors in UK retail outlets is ?800 to ?1,000. Clearly there are huge savings to be passed on to the consumer by selling direct.

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