Scottish electronics sector takes high road

Scottish electronics sector takes high road
Alex Mayhew-Smith
Scotland’s electronics sector is heading for a period of sustained growth, according to the human resources company Melville Craig.
“Our confidence in these sectors [electronics, IT and call centres] comes from our detailed market assessments and these indicate that much of the current pessimism surrounding these industries in Scotland is misplaced,” said Graham Cook, Melville’s business development director.
Cook admitted that the electronics sector in Scotland had seen the loss of assembly jobs in the last year, but said the losses are being replaced with higher quality design and engineering workers. “We know that Scotland is still a preferred location for many high-tech firms looking to set up new operations,” said Cook.
Melville’s announcement was backed up by Locate in Scotland, which said a new software engineering centre with 300 jobs is to be set up in Glasgow by US investment bank JP Morgan.

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