Semiconductor revenues 'could grow 30 per cent' this year

Semiconductor revenues “could grow 30 per cent” this year
David Manners
The world semiconductor market will grow by 30 per cent if memory prices stabilise this year, said Malcolm Penn, chairman of Future Horizons.
He made his comments at the company’s annual International Semiconductor Forecast Seminar in London. “If DRAM prices stabilise then the DRAM market’s value will grow by the same amount as the bit growth,” said Penn. “And if that is the same as last year – 90 per cent – then the DRAM market doubles.”
With DRAM representing 30 per cent of the market, that means the total semiconductor market could grow 30 per cent.
The Future Horizons official forecast for growth this year is 11 per cent for the world and 14 per cent for Europe. “The downside risk is the world economy, which is shaky at best and could forestall the whole thing,” said Penn.

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