Siemens opens White Oak US fab

Siemens opens White Oak US fab
Tom Foremski
Siemens and Motorola officially opened their US based White Oak Semiconductor joint venture, claiming a record in the swift completion of the fab, which is manufacturing 64Mbit DRAMs.
The two companies said that White Oaks went from concrete to having the first tools installed in just 11 months. The fab employs 1,000 staff and the 800,000 square foot facility includes wafer manufacturing, assembly, and final test.
“By teaming up with our global partner Motorola we have established a strong manufacturing presence in the US and broadened our competitive reach in this critically important market. White Oak Semiconductor represents a milestone in pursuit of our globalisation strategy,” said Ulrich Schumacher, CEO of Siemens Semiconductors.
The joint venture, however, faces a challenging market for DRAMs, as a glut of DRAM chips continues to force down DRAM prices, a situation that could last for at least another 18 months.

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