Siemens signs LSI Logic as Carmel licensee

Siemens signs LSI Logic as Carmel licensee
Tom Foremski
LSI Logic has licensed a powerful programmable DSP core called Carmel, from Siemens Semiconductors.
Carmel is based on a configurable long instruction word design, which combines a superscalar architecture with a very long instruction word design for higher performance. The two companies will co-operate on future improvements to Carmel.
“This agreement marks the beginning of a shift in the DSP market away from the closed, proprietary approach, to an open, highly competitive one,” said LSI CEO Wilf Corrigan.
Carmel will be offered to LSI customers as part of its CoreWare library by the end of this year and the company expects strong demand in applications such as wireless communications, high speed xDSL modems, and multimedia applications. Siemens will produce first sample DSP chips based on Carmel in September.

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