Significant advances will lead to volume production of Ramton's 256K FRAM

Significant advances will lead to volume production of Ramton’s 256K FRAM
Tom Foremski
Ferro-electric Ram (FRAM) devices could emerge as significant competitors to DRAM, SRAM and Flash memory devices thanks to improvements in process technologies according to chip consulting firm Semiconductor Insights.
Ramtron has produced a 256K FRAM that Semiconductor Insights says offers a significant improvement over earlier devices and will allow volume production and cut manufacturing costs.
“Ramtron has significantly improved their process technology over their earlier 64K generation FRAM device that we have analysed,” said Edward Keyes, Semiconductor Insights Vice-President of Operations. “They have reduced the cell size by almost four-fold over the previous generation. This is the type of development the industry needs for FRAM technology to move out of niche applications.”
Different manufacturers of FRAM’s are using different process technologies. Semiconductor Insights gave high marks to Ramtron’s PZT process and it intends to compare it with Y-1 process from Symetrix which is licensed to Matsushita, Siemens, Hyundai and Motorola.

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