Small distie finds room in the market

Small distie finds room in the marketA letter from Steve Tomlinson, managing director, K9 Technology
Having just read the leader in your June 10 issue, I could not agree more. I left one of the major groups to start a small distributor because there is a clear section of the electronics market which the larger companies do not service well.
If you believe (as I do) that there will continue to be many new successful technology start-ups every year, you have to ask how these companies will bring their products to market, and how potential British customers will find them.
Distributors know their local market and their customers.The problem for a start-up supplier is to get his distributor’s sales people actively promoting his products, when the distributor’s management is focusing them on meeting their sales and profit targets which invariably come from the larger product lines.
All business is generally more important to the smaller company than to the larger one; and shorter communication channels mean better product knowledge across the range. The benefit to British customers is timely information about new products and technologies which will help them compete better in their markets.

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