Sony and Toshiba create highly advanced graphics chip

Sony and Toshiba create highly advanced graphics chip
Tom Foremski
Sony representatives demonstrated advanced graphics processing technology at the Embedded Processor Forum in California, saying that the next generation Playstation will feature a highly advanced graphics processing chip.
Sony said it is working with Toshiba to create the Emotion Engine, a highly integrated graphics chip running at 300MHz and offering the floating point processing power of three 500MHz Pentium II microprocessors. It will use a MIPS processor core and will include the current Playstation 32 bit processor to maintain backward compatibility.
The chip will be the most advanced of its kind and presents a major integration challenge for Sony and Toshiba. Analysts at MicroDesign Resources estimate that it could cost Sony more than $100 to produce the graphics processor. But Sony says that cost is not an issue and that high volume sales of the video game console will help reduce manufacturing costs.

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