Sun extends community source licensing to chip architectures

Sun extends community source licensing to chip architectures
Tom Foremski
Sun Microsystems is offering free access to its Sparc and Java chip technologies as it hopes to attract users of its chip technology as the rest of the industry moves to support Intel chip architectures.
Sun is offering its Sparc and Java chip designs to developers under its community source licensing model which is modelled on open source code licensing models applied to software such as Linux and Apache.
Under the Community Source Licensing model licensees do not have to pay any up front fees to access the chip designs and evaluate them for new product development.
“Today’s up-front fee model restricts access to technology to only those projects that are fully funded at the outset. Lowering the initial costs of development allows companies to pilot new products more readily, get to market faster and take advantage of Sun’s well known networking technology,” said Sun Microsystems chief scientist Bill Joy.
Sun, along with Apple Computer, is the last of the major computer companies to stick with RISC microprocessors rather than embrace Intel architectures.

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