Symbian makes mobile move with NTT of Japan

Symbian makes mobile move with NTT of Japan
Richard Wilson
Symbian has teamed up with Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Mobile Communications Network (NTT DoCoMo) to development wireless communication technologies.
The agreement has been established between the two companies specifically to establish and expand the Wireless Information Devices market and to provide broad support for devices developed on Symbian’s EPOC operating system.
It is the latest move by Symbian, which is a joint venture between Psion, Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola, to promote EPOC as a world standard for mobile computing applications using broadband wireless communications.
“Symbian’s EPOC has been recognised by major handset manufacturers as the platform of choice for next generation wireless information devices,” commented Dr. Shuichi Shindo, senior v-p of NTT DoCoMo. “Our W-CDMA technology, which has been proposed for third generation mobile radio communications systems, has had wide support from the telecom industry.”
Under the agreement Symbian and NTT DoCoMo will define specifications for the Japanese market.

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