Synchronicity manages Europe

Synchronicity manages EuropeRichard Ball  
Synchronicity has launched itself into Europe to meet the demand for its Web-based, data management software.
The company’s tools are aimed at managing the multitude of files and data in complex Asic and IC designs across multiple sites.
“Design flows may involve 15 to 30 different tools and all these create many files and require many databases,” said Paul Gibson, newly appointed as director of European operations for Synchronicity.
A typical leading edge IC design might have files that contain terabytes of data in a vast number of files. Keeping track of all this data, perhaps across multiple sites around the world, is becoming a problem, Gibson said.
Synchronicity has developed a Web based data management system that automatically keeps track of all the data in a project.
DesignSync includes revision control, release and configuration management.
Europe has a particular need for this type of tool, claims Gibson. “Cutting edge, multi-site teams characterise European electronics development,” he pointed out.
Several companies in Europe have already recognised the need and are using Synchronicity’s tools, including ARM and STMicroelectronics.
The increasing use of intellectual property (IP) and design reuse has led the firm to develop another product, IP Gear. This manages the IP being used by design and CAD teams.
IP Gear is being used by RAPID, the IP trade association, to control its component catalogue on the Web. This can be test driven at

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