SyncLink DRAM tapes out

SyncLink DRAM tapes out
Tom Foremski
Mosaid Technologies has completed the design for the SyncLink DRAM (SLDRAM), a new memory technology intended to compete with Rambus memory.
The SLDRAM design offers bandwidth of 400Mbit/s per pin, for a total of 800Mbyte/s per chip. This is eight times faster than current SDRAM devices.
Mosaid CEO George Cwynar said that the SLDRAM design objective was to come up with a high performance memory chip without the need to go to larger chip dies, which cost more to make. “Since there is no die size penalty, a memory system built with SLDRAM chips offers the best hope of achieving the goal of high data-transfer rates at a reasonable cost,” said Cwynar.
The SLDRAM consortium members include major DRAM and computer manufacturers. The first sample chips are expected by the end of this summer.

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