Tektronix: 'Europe is the place for R&D'

Tektronix: ‘Europe is the place for R&D’
Melanie Reynolds Europe is where everything is happening in telecoms according to US test specialist Tektronix, writes Melanie Reynolds in Milan. Rick Wills, president of European operations, pointed to the number of worldwide telecoms standards that originate in Europe as evidence. “Europe is a hotbed for telecoms research and design right now,” said Wills. The company has made a move to fill what it sees as a niche in the market by acquiring Necsy Network Control Systems, the network monitoring and mobile test systems subsidiary of Italian company Italtel. “It’s important to have design centres close to where the action is,” said Wills. “Our vision of the future is to have intellectual expertise all over the world.” The new division has 120 employees, primarily in R&D. Tektronix bought the division to gain the expertise it needed quickly. “There is a huge demand for professionals in the field that are not available,” said Hannes Schaedel, communications test manager. “We found a team here that is used to the market and could provide expertise that we could not build up quickly enough.”

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