Texas and 3Dlabs settle dispute

Texas and 3Dlabs settle dispute
Tom Foremski
Texas Instruments and 3Dlabs have settled their legal dispute and said they will expand their relationship around 3Dlabs Permedia 2 products with new marketing and support programs.
The two companies agreed to settle all pending litigation out of court, related to a suit filed against TI by 3Dlabs in which it alleged TI had published confidential information on its web site.
TI has been producing Permedia graphics chips under a foundry agreement along with SGS-Thomson. “Leveraging our mixed-signal design expertise and working closely with 3Dlabs, we plan to increase the penetration of Permedia 2 technology in the market,” said Del Whitaker, Senior Vice President of TI.
3Dlabs also reported new OEM design wins for its Permedia 2 and Glint processors which include Acer, Appian, ELSA, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, NEC and MaxVision, following recent design wins for Permedia 2 with Compaq and Dell.

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