The US DOJ and attourney generals to discuss Microsoft's antitrust settlement

The US DOJ and attourney generals to discuss Microsoft’s antitrust settlement
Tom Foremski
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and attorney generals from 19 states will discuss Microsoft’s antitrust settlement offer on Tuesday but the court case is still likely to continue.
The details of the settlement offer have not been publicly disclosed but sources close to the DOJ say that they do not expect the Tuesday meeting to result in an acceptance of the Microsoft offer because it does not go far enough in addressing core antitrust complaints.
The DOJ is under pressure from Microsoft rivals not to give in easily to Microsoft and to demand considerable concessions from the software giant that would limit its dominant position on the computer industry. The DOJ feels it is in a strong position and has made good points in its prosecution of Microsoft that will result in a victory once the antitrust trial resumes next month.
US computer industry trade organisations have recommended that the government seek the breakup of Microsoft into separate companies if the antitrust charges are proved.

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