Thin-client systems set to boom

Thin-client systems set to boom
Tom Foremski
Thin-client systems are set for a boom according to US market researchers which predict strong growth for the stripped down computers over the next few years.
Thin clients were meant to challenge expensive PCs but falling PC prices caused the thin client market to fizzle. But boom times are ahead says Zona with a prediction that 2.25 million units will be shipped by 2001, creating a $1bn market. And US market research company International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 6 million units will be shipped by 2003.
Zona points to the introduction of Microsoft’s Terminal Server Edition and the introduction of Windows-based terminals as key to the wider use of thin-clients. While IDC says that major price cuts in Terminal Server will boost sales of thin -clients.
The boom in thin-clients will create new markets for electronics companies and help increase sales of microprocessors and related components.

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