TI boosts floating point DSP family

TI boosts floating point DSP familyRichard Ball
Texas Instruments (TI) has unveiled two additions to its portfolio of floating point DSPs.
The first is the TMS320C6711, a level two cache, floating point version of the fixed point C6211 DSP announced last year (See Electronics Weekly, September 9, 1998). The second DSP being announced is the TMS320C33, a high speed addition to the long established C3x family.
So why is TI is coming out with floating point devices when it accounts for just six per cent of the overall DSP market? “It is a very small market but it is growing very fast,” explained Jean-Marc Charpentier, TI’s C6000 DSP European product manager. Floating point is also an important incubator market for TI, he added, where prototypes of emerging products first appear. “It’s key to be in it. It’s very important for growing the business of fixed point.”
The C6711, costing $20 when bought in high volumes, is being pitched by TI as an entry level device for its highest performance C6000 family of pin compatible fixed and floating point DSPs. Two clocked versions of the C6711 are planned, at 100 and 150MHz. These will result in a processing performance of 600 and 900MFlop/s respectively. The device’s on-chip memory will comprise 4kbyte of data and 4kbyte of instruction cache and 64kbyte of level two cache. Device peripherals include an external memory interface, two T1/E1 serial ports and an enhanced DMAcontroller.
Further down the performance scale, the C33 DSP implemented using a 0.18?m process will significant boost its clock speed. Two clocked versions are promised: 120 and 150MHz, equating to 120 and 150MFlop/s respectively. The C33 will also feature 1Mbit of on-chip SRAM and share the same peripherals as the C31.
The C33 is the first device to be implemented using of TI’s Asic-based C3x development. Texas Instruments’ latest floating point DSPs DSP clock speeds MFlop/s sample availability Production Cost C6711 100/150MHz 600/900 4Q 1999 2Q 2000 $5/ $8* C33 120/150MHz 120/150 4Q 1999 2Q 2000 $20/ $35* *in 100,000 units

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