TI DSP 'is like a microcontroller'

TI DSP ‘is like a microcontroller’
Steve Bush Texas Instruments has announced a single-processor DSP chip with microcontroller-like capabilities. “This is a DSP which has been designed to perform well in areas where microcontrollers are strong, like code density, support for the C language, and I/O and interrupt handling,” said Jean-Marc Darchy, TI’s European marketing and applications manager. “Our new core has ten per cent better code density running C than the ARM7TDMI, which is the industry benchmark.” Called the TMS320C2000 architecture, the DSP core is said to be all-new. It will offer 100Mips performance at 3V using a 0.25?m process. TI is reluctant to talk about power consumption in cores but Darchy said: “The [older] C20x family consumes 1.1mA/Mips. The 2000 will be less, perhaps 0.8mA/Mips.” The first product will be a dedicated hard disk drive processor. “We are waiting to see how the industry receives this announcement before we decide what other applications to aim the core at,” said Darchy. A decision will be made in the second half of the year.

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