TI introduces a reference platform for network equipment

TI introduces a reference platform for network equipment
Tom Foremski
Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a reference platform for network equipment that combines voice, video and data into a single stream, based on its high end 320C6000 DSP architecture.
The Digital Thunder Platform includes a software framework and development system designed specifically for network equipment applications. Wind River Systems with its real-time operating system and Novell with its directory services technology said they support the Thunder platform and are working on applications tailored for the TI DSP architecture.
TI said that the Thunder Platform will be useful in network systems that require a high level of intelligence at the edge of the network. These include applications such as virtual private networks, Voice-Over-IP, LAN-to-WAN bridges, access traffic shapers, network packet processing, broadband access concentrators and routers, and videoconferencing systems.
“We anticipate that the Digital Thunder Platform program will enable entirely new applications that people haven’t even considered,” said David Brenner, director of Texas Instruments’ Network DSP Business.

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