TI to release its high end DSP chip this week

TI to release its high end DSP chip this week
Tom Foremski
Texas Instruments (TI) will this week release its latest high end DSP chip aimed at applications in cell phone base stations and other wireless communications products.
The TMS320C6203 will be most powerful version of the C6x DSP family. The C6203 offers 2,400 MIPS at 300MHz, with power consumption of about 0.09 milliamps per MIPS. The chip is designed for base station applications and the powerful DSP will enable companies to produce base stations that offer increased channel capacity and lower overall costs.
The C6203 offers 7 megabits of memory and 1.5 watts of power consumption. TI will begin sampling the chip in the fourth quarter of this year with volume production scheduled for early 2000.

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