TI's 0.18?m DSP family hits 160MHz

TI’s 0.18?m DSP family hits 160MHz
Richard Ball Texas Instruments (TI) has started moving its TMS320C5000 family of DSPs to its 0.18?m manufacturing process, resulting in a 160MHz device. Power consumption of the ‘C5416 chip has been halved, the company claims, despite the 60 per cent increase in clock speed. “The ‘C5416 is our first device in what will become a series of 0.15?m [L-effective] devices,” said marketing manager Mark Mattson. TI is aiming the device at communications products, including voice over IP, communications servers, PBX add-ons and other computer telephony devices. The device integrates 128kbytes of SRAM and a host processor port that supports both 8- and 16-bit processors.

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