Toshiba pushes ahead with DRAM venture

Toshiba pushes ahead with DRAM venture
Tom Foremski
While other companies are reducing their exposure to troubled DRAM markets, Toshiba is forging ahead, announcing that its US based joint venture with IBM and has begun volume production of 64Mbit DRAMs.
The joint venture, called Dominion Semiconductor is producing 64Mbit DRAMs in a 0.35 micron process and plans to produce 0.25 micron based 64Mbit synchronous DRAMs by the middle of this year.
The chips use the same trench memory cell design developed by Toshiba and IBM for their 256Mbit DRAMs. The advantage is that it can be more easily scaled down to 0.15 micron processes.
“This ‘seamless scalability’ requires minimal customer requalification at finer geometries which lowers the risk of failure,” said Ted Bruce, manager of North American manufacturing for Toshiba’s Semiconductor Group.

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