Toshiba takes an ARM processor licence

Toshiba takes an ARM processor licence
David Manners
Long time MIPS processor user Toshiba has taken out its first ARM licence. The core it has licensed is the ARM7TDMI – the Thumb version 32-bit core with a 16- bit instruction set.
“We were a solid MIPS company but we’ve got customers asking us for ARM – it’s the de facto standard in Europe,” Gordon Fairley, Toshiba’s Asic manager told EW.
Using its quarter micron process, Toshiba can implement an ARM core in 1mm2, said Fairley.
Having diversified from MIPS, will Toshiba support any other micro architectures? “I think we’re at the limit with two – if we’re to support them properly,” said Fairley. Nonetheless, it is known that Toshiba has been talking to the ARC people.

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