Trio link-up on faster chips

Trio link-up on faster chips
Tom Foremski
Lucent Technologies, Applied Materials, and ASM Lithography said they will cooperate in accelerating the development of electron beam lithography that will lead to faster and smaller chips.
The three companies plan to commercialise Lucent’s Scalpel technology, which was invented by Lucent’s Bell Labs in 1989 and has won support from the Sematech consortium.
Bill Brinkman, Bell Labs Physical Sciences Research Vice President, said that the addition of Applied Materials and ASM will help “accelerate the development of Scalpel technology into a commercially viable system. This will be a tremendous breakthrough for semiconductor manufacturers building the next generations of powerful chips. We believe that Scalpel will allow manufacturers to surpass the limitations of optical lithography and enable the migration of chip technology to the 50-nanometer generation and beyond.”
Two key elements still needed by Scalpel include the mask, or pattern, through which the electrons pass. And the resist, which the electrons expose to create the desired chip layout pattern.

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