UK entrepreneurs would like 'Posh and Becks' style billing

UK entrepreneurs would like ‘Posh and Becks’ style billing
Melanie Reynolds Britain’s entrepreneurs feel undervalued and would like to be seen in the same way as pop stars and footballers. According to a MORI survey for business advisors Ernst & Young, 69 per cent want to be valued in the same way as celebrities. Of those questioned, only 30 per cent believe that the current economic climate favours entrepreneurship while the majority, 83 per cent, say their contribution to the national economy is not widely recognised. Despite this, entrepreneurs are more optimistic about the UK’s economic prospects than their counterparts in the UK’s leading companies. Only 37 per cent of entrepreneurs believe economic prospects are gloomy. This contrasts with a recent MORI Captains of Industry survey which found 89 per cent of respondents had a gloomy outlook. Meanwhile, Ernst & Young has launched an international Entrepreneur of the Year award to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and recognise its contribution to the economy.

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