US jobs bonanza could strip UK skills

US jobs bonanza could strip UK skills
Tom Foremski
US Senator Spencer Abraham is claiming growing support for his proposed bill that would allow US companies to recruit at least 90,000 skilled workers from abroad, starting a major brain drain from the UK and other European countries.
Abraham has a letter signed by 14 CEOs of major US high tech corporations supporting his bill, which would raise the annual cap of H1B visas to 90,000 and also provide an additional 25,000 H2B visas if necessary.
CEOs from Micron Technology, Intel, Netscape Communications, Cisco Systems, LSI Logic, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices, Analog Devices, International Rectifier and VLSI Technology signed the letter of support.
Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy has sent a letter to US Vice President Al Gore, urging him to support the Abraham bill.
“Right now Sun has 2,300 unfilled positions. Sun hired just under 5,000 people last year, and we anticipate the need to bring on approximately 6,000 more people during this coming year,” McNealy wrote. “Unfortunately, with our growing need for skilled information technology workers outstripping the available supply, the numbers simply do not add up.”

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