VLSI closer to single CDMA/GSM chip

VLSI closer to single CDMA/GSM chipRichard Ball  
VLSITechnology has developed a single chip for mobile phones that implements the code division mulitple access (CDMA) protocol.
Called the CDMA+, the chip also combines AMPS functionality. This adds to the firm’s single chip GSM solution announced last year.
VLSI sees the development as a natural step towards a chip that integrates techniques from both CDMA and GSM. This, the firm said, will be used as the basis for the third generation mobile phones chipsets.
Like the OneC GSM chip, the CDMA+ integrates an ARM7TDMI processor core with an Oak digital signal processor. This combination has become something of a standard in the mobile phone chipset world. Added to these are the CDMA and AMPS protocol stacks, audio codec and 13 QCELP vocoder.
Several leading handset manufacturers are evaluating the chip, claims VLSI.
Production versions of the chip will ship next month, the company said.

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