VLSI licences the D-RAC technology for its ASIC products

VLSI licences the D-RAC technology for its ASIC products
Tom Foremski
VLSI Technology has licensed the Direct Rambus ASIC Cell (D-RAC) technology for its ASIC products.
The company will offer a D-RAC core for its ASIC customers, allowing them to take advantage of high speed Rambus memory chips. VLSI will release a RDRAM memory controller Functional System Block (FSB) and expects to use the D-RAC and the RDRAM memory controller FSBs in its VSC10 0.20 micron process technology which will be available for customer designs by the end of third quarter, 1999.
“Companies in the ASIC business must anticipate and meet the increasingly performance hungry memory sub-system requirements of computer, multimedia and networking applications,” said VLSI vice president Scott Parker.
VLSI explains that the RAC is the Input/Output cell that resides on the logic device. The Direct RAC will provide the basic multiplexing/demultiplexing functions for converting from an off-chip bus with an 800MHz data rate to a wider and slower, on-chip bus. The RAC manages the physical layer of the Rambus subsystem.

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