Windows 98 Web appeal

Windows 98 Web appealRichard Ball Windows 98 – the same, but different, says Microsoft. The functionality of the software giant’s forthcoming PC operating system is changing little, but the emphasis on the Internet is increasing. “There are not many differences in the user interface,” said Intel’s Thomas Baumgartner. Windows 98 will look just like a Web browser, with its user interface based on Internet Explorer. Opening disks, folders or directories will look like accessing a Web page. “This makes it easier to launch applications and more intuitive, especially for older users,” said Baumgartner. Die-hard Windows 95 fans will still be able to revert their screen to a more traditional look. Also on the Internet side, a just-in-time compiler has been added to improve the speed of Java applets. On the non-Internet side, Windows 98 will launch and shut down quicker. “It’s also a lot more stable than Windows 95,” said Baumgartner. One of the most important unseen changes is to the file allocation table (FAT) system. The new FAT32 allows data to be split into smaller chunks on the hard drive leading to more efficient disk usage.

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