World's first optical switching devices from Nanovation Technologies

World’s first optical switching devices from Nanovation Technologies
Tom Foremski
US based Nanovation Technologies says it has made the world’s first optical switching devices which could revolutionise communications and computer industries.
The company said it has made prototype optical switching devices and will send out the first samples by mid-June of this year. The devices are based on its nano-photonic technology using a deep etching process producing waveguides with very smooth surfaces and vertical walls with a depth on the order of 2.5 micrometers, widths of 0.5 micrometers and spaces between structures as small as 100 nanometers.
“We’ve demonstrated a working resonator device which has shown us actual switching of photons. This device is the first such device in the world and a landmark event for Nanovation,” said Mee Koy Chin, head of the companies technology department. The devices produced include a single optical switch, a cross-connect switch, a directional coupler and a multiplexer/demultiplexer.

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